Nevada's Helping Hands

Liz Kelly & Dayle Pearson​              

​MRD's goal is to exercise three major non-profit purposes: charitable, educational, and economic-to Make a Real Difference in our community. Our volunteer membership is growing and our causes are universal. Nevada's Helping Hands Program (NHH) reaches out to our underpriveleged children and youth.

Our 2017 adopted schools are Mamie Towles & Glen Duncan. We donate food, clothing, supplies and funds to help low income students. Liz Kelly, MA, is our school liaison; she has served as school counselor for over 15 years.

In addition, clothing and supplies raised and donated to MRD are delivered to our adopted families in the downtown motels and the Children’s Transition Center.

Dayle Pearson, MA, has worked with low income and special needs children for 27 years. Her degrees in art and psychology and years of experience have developed her successful and passionate art therapy program for youth in need.

Our December "Toys For Washoe" Holiday Party raises toys, clothing, educational supplies, and more for Kids Kottage, RSG Mission, and our adopted families

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