​MRD Foundation, Inc

The NV4V Veterans’ Outreach Services

Founder: Commander Warren Gilbert, MD

Directors: Mike Ziegler, Tony Verde, Olivia Tearnan, Bill Danton, PhD

Our veterans’ center is a model for Governor Sandoval’s “Nevada’s Green Zone Initiative”- a “local effort, seeking to align and mobilize all available resources in the areas of employment, education, and wellness to best serve and support Nevada’s veterans and their families. It is a statewide strategic planning initiative and architecture designed to improve services, increase collaboration, and reduce duplication among service providers; to provide onramps for policy solutions at the most local level; and to provide mechanisms to feed those solutions up to local and state bodies, including the Nevada State Legislature.”

Services Include:

 The Veterans’ Jobs Program connects veterans with employers, and assists them in resume formation, interview guidelines, mock interviews, and other valuable lessons.

“…the Council of Economic Advisers shows that the unemployment rate for recent veterans remains incredibly high…  the unemployment rate for veterans who have served since 9/11 stood at 10 percent, with 246,000 out of work. That's the same rate as it was a year ago, and it's a higher jobless rate than it is for non-veterans…” Washington Post

 The Veterans Life Skills Program assists veterans with tax returns, bank accounts, budgets, bookkeeping, etc

The Veterans’ Homeless Program assists in the placement of homeless veterans, transitional living, housing. There are presently over 12,000 homeless veterans in our area.

 The Veterans’ Behavioral Health Program Dr. William Danton, MRD’s Director of mental health and wellness programs for veterans, offers various treatment modalities for combat veterans of all ages. His colleagues, Dr. Blake Tearnan and Dr. Steve Mayville are also evaluating and treating psychologists for PTSD, depression, anxiety. In addition, Dr. Ruth Gentry specializes in sleep disorders and has worked with veterans for many years. Yoga and Reike are offered, as well.

A study by the American Journal for Public Health stated “Troops who’ve been deployed multiple times to Iraq and Afghanistan are more than three times as likely as soldiers with no previous deployments to screen positive for PTSD and major depression… Concerns have been most recently centered on two combat-related injuries in particular: post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury. With the increasing incidence of suicide and suicide attempts among returning veterans, concern about depression is also on the rise”. A recent NPR report stated 22 veterans commit suicide every day!

The Veterans’ Claims Consultation office helps our veterans expedite the lengthy and tedious claims process. Certified Claims Liaisons, guide them to correctly complete the application the first time around

“Unfortunately, the State of Nevada is home to more than 10,000 heroes stuck waiting for answers regarding their benefits claims. These selfless patriots know all too well the price that is paid for freedom, and the last thing they should be worried about is waiting for the benefits they earned in service to our nation. Addressing the claims backlog must be a top priority, and I am committed to doing what it takes to help the VA and the Reno VARO eliminate this problem,” said Senator Dean Heller.

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